EVisas are electronic visas. When applying for them you won’t need to submit your actual passport to the embassy like you do for other visas. Instead, application can be done online with a copy of your passport. In some cases additional documents may be required, but they can also be provided electronically.

This option isn’t available for every visas. Only some countries introduce eVisas to simplify the application process. When you select a country you are travelling to on our map, you’ll be able to see what visa options are available to this country.

When an eVisa is issued, it is going to be emailed to you. This information is also available in the immigration system of that country. In most cases you will still need to print out the eVisa we send you and have it with you when you get to the country.

Processing times for the eVisas vary and can be between 24 hours (Australian eVisa) and 6 weeks (Azerbaijan eVisa). Exact timings can be found in each visa description.

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